Transforming the Veteran’s Administration

One of the governmental agencies that has had the most attention in recent past is the VA. It’s ability to respond to the demands placed on it have come up short as reported on many occasions in the press. The extent of this situation is not one that I am familiar with but it does seem that the organization is not able to meet the expectations of its stakeholders on a regular basis. I pulled up a copy of its Strategic Plan on the internet and began to read to gain an understanding of the organization’s point of view. It begins with a mission based on Lincoln’s promise “to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and orphan”. As with a lot of Lincoln’s pronouncements it is certainly biblical in nature. This led me to believe that Lincoln did not intend for the VA to be a ‘responsive’ organization as much as a pro active one. This point of view from the top would create a transformational change in the future of the organization and it’s effectiveness. How it became a reactive/ responsive organization I do not know.

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