Transformation and STEM

The STEM educational process being suggested by NASA and others to train our future workforce may create an opposite affect. To exclusively study science, math, engineering and technology will not produce the literate culture that will create the great ideas that will take us to the next level. At best it seems to be a skills based process that lacks the power of a broad integrated education. We need to start at the top and not the bottom in our thinking. As a country and culture we need citizens that are literate and wise as opposed to technicians that are narrow and limited in their understanding of ‘wholes’ instead of ‘parts’. It is the broad parts of our education that are failing and not the narrow courses. To transform STEM would be easy. It would require one to balance technical skill building course work with education on how it all fits together into the whole economy. It would tie purpose to careers and roles that would provide an understanding of what it is like to live a life of consuming purpose and interest. It would teach the persons how to live their lives fully while focusing on their specialty.

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