Transformation and Job Creation

Jobs are created the wrong way. They need to be created by the worker and not the organization. It is a ‘pull environment’ versus a ‘push’ environment. This distinction creates an opportunistic job placement process as opposed to a planned one. What would change if the roles were reversed?

* First instead of applying for a job, a person would make a job proposal.

* Second the person making a job proposal would do so to companies they had identified as ones that qualified for their model place to work.

*Thirdly they would make a proposal based on the two most important things that produce business value and profits. They would propose how they, with their skill set, would assist the business in either growing revenues, productivity or both.

This would create a host of new opportunities for the businesses that were to receive these proposals. It would also reduce the jobless rate as the businesses would be able to bring on people based on an ‘investment vs. cost’ basis. In fact it would be a win/win and would transform our current economy.

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