Strategic Planning Transformational Criteria

Strategic Plans should be created with five elements in mind.

1. Resource Optimization – does the plan address the optimization of the resources by management?

2. Change – Does the plan address the three types of change (incremental, reform and transformational)?

3. Focus – Does the plan focus the resources on a few things that can be leveraged?

4. Vision – Is the plan focused on attaining a vision(future orientation) vs. repeating the past?

5. Progress – Does the plan provide quarterly action plans as steps toward progress?

If these five elements are not present then the plan is crippled from the beginning. You can use this criteria to measure the effectiveness of your plan and discover any weak areas that need to be strengthened. Future blogs will use this criteria to assess the effectiveness of the strategic plans of several governmental organizations whose plans are posted on the web. This will give you some examples of how you can use this structure of elements for your benefit.  Transform your plans and you will transform the performance of your organization!



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