Personal Transformation and Job Hunting

Job Hunting is a process. If someone looking for a job was to view it as a process they would see that there are inputs and the obvious output(the ideal job). In between they have to figure out how they will add value to the process inputs to create the output. Will they follow the traditional process steps(headhunter, internet sites, networking etc.) or will they improve the process by adding new steps of more value? This latter area is where transformation can occur in this process. First they could identify the industry they wanted to enter. Next they could research and identify specific organizational targets. Then, and this is the key, they could decide what they could do to increase growth, productivity or both. It matters not if there is a job available if they can convince the prospective organization that they can affect one or the other of these two key value drivers. They then make a proposal for employment instead of going on a job interview. It is a totally different and transformed way of improving the odds that they will end up with a position of value that fills their desire for meaning and purpose in their lives. This is the advice I give today to individuals seeking direction on how to approach a job market that is unpredictable.

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