Failed Empires,Cultures and Economies

Transformational thinking is what is always missing when empires, cultures and economies collapse. This also holds true for individual businesses. As all organizational entities age they become bound up and narrow in their points of view. Rather than adapting and evolving they seek stasis and in most cases regress. Extremes become opposed as they seek to find the answers to their evolution with their old models that they now take to extremes. This is the way of the world but not the way of the universe. Those entities that thrive are always adapting and are doing so on two planes. The first is to differentiate themselves by learning new ways of doing things with higher productivity and quality. The second way is to integrate at the same pace as they are differentiating. They learn that they need to not only look at themselves but the whole context within which they are operating. As suggested by M. Csikszentmihalyi in his book, The Evolving Self, these two pathways need to be followed together and simultaneously. To focus exclusively on the former will create chaos and to choose the latter will create a smothering affect on individual development. All have failed because they did not understand this balance that is necessary for an entity to thrive. To understand and employ its principles is to create a win/win situation that will transform the entity through time.

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