Crisis Leadership Seminars

The book, Crisis Leadership, The Navy Way is about the power of limits. This idea is the centerpiece of the seminar that my co author, Captain George Sauer, USN and I have developed for any organization interested in permanent progress.

What You Will Learn
  • How the Power of Limits works
  • A unique process to harness the Power of Limits
  • How to apply the process to invent new solutions to ‘wicked problems’
  • How to use the Power of Limits to increase the value of your contributions and that of your staff.

It is unique. Unique in that it offers a new way to think in more depth of analysis and imagination. It overcomes the superficiality of thought and instant reaction that is rampant in today’s organizations. This new approach to thinking, in terms of limits, is more powerful than just analysis because of the linkage to imagination and possibilities.

Today’s issues are not easily answered or overcome. When you find that you and your business are stuck, and what you have done in the past will no longer work, you need to consider a new way of thinking. The Power of limits offers this and it is a process that you can use forever to solve any problem, issue or crisis. You can also use it to invent solutions that match the environmental demands of the global society.

The seminar is a both a gift and an investment. As a gift it will be remembered forever, and as an investment it will provide returns in perpetuity.

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Crisis Leadership Seminar

This informative seminar conducted by the authors of Crisis Leadership: The Navy Way will teach your team about the Power of Limits. They will learn how to apply the process to invent new solutions and increase their value.

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