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Crisis Leadership The Navy Way Book

Crisis Leadership – The Navy Way

by Jim Hull & George Sauer

In the chaos of Operation Desert Shield an aircraft carrier supply officer is tasked to complete a four week supply load-out in only 4 days. In the Pacific Ocean, a U.S. Naval ship’s only enlisted quartermaster responsible for navigation suffers a heart attack at the start of an 11,000 mile crossing, yet they continue their journey. In each of these cases the Navy personnel found that a crisis imposed stringent limits which then presented opportunities for a resourceful solution when using the proper problem-solving techniques. In this book you’ll learn that there is always a better way. It’s only a matter of belief and exploration that can lead to new, better solutions. We’ll guide you through real-world Navy examples, take a look at the Apollo program that could have been and analyze an innovative solution for a manned Mars mission. Understand this process and how it can be used, before the need arises, to create a better future.

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Business Transformation The Roberts Story Book

Business Transformation – The Roberts Story

by Jim Hull with Brad Hart

As an organization, you set your profit objectives but the customer sets the price. Most organizations battle customer requests or demands for price reductions. The successful ones develop and propose cost cuts before the customer can ask. Join Brad Hart, the CEO of Roberts Tool Company, as he and Jim Hull explain the essence of his company’s transformation. The approach taken by RTC allowed them not just to get more work, but to build a continual flow of the right work to build the business, increase sales and ensure both customer satisfaction and profit. You’ll learn the essential steps to improve sales, marketing and operations. Recognize the true value of your human assets and increase the effectiveness of collaboration both within your organization and with your peers and suppliers. Become a competitive leader in your industry. The choice of a successful transformation is up to you.

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