About Hull Consulting

The J.R. Hull Company is about finding better ways. We identify solutions which may be counter-intuitive, but will be effective in transforming your organization. We work with you to focus your organization on goals and processes which make sense. Your organization will become more effective, competitive and profitable.

See Your Organization Clearly

We seek to understand your point of view. This is your way of viewing reality. At the same time we determine your goals and what has you moving in the wrong direction. A great company is like a great story. It needs to be smart but also have heart to be memorable. It needs a purpose and direction, a way to get to the important plot points. We help you create a story that you will enjoy and want to share. Once we have the story right we can begin to help you reframe their options.

The re-framing process that we use helps your organizational to see ways out of your current dilemma. All of this work makes you more flexible and agile. It provides a permanent process effectively address any changes. In short we help you to become more effective, successful, profitable, and valuable. Our clients don’t talk about the ‘good times’ because they are equipped to make any time good. That is our goal and hope for our practice.

Customized Solutions

We surround our central core product with a set of unique solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Whether it is the issue of employee performance and compensation or that of sales and marketing, our understanding of business issues from our 30 years of experience has allowed us to develop effective solutions that work for your organization.

Seminars & Off-Site Meetings

Our seminars and facilitated off-site meeting presentations are based on the book that we coauthored on Crisis Leadership. Using this book as a guide we help our clients to understand how to address and avoid crisis. While these are not usually life or death crisis, they are the normal crisis that any business or individual encounters in the everyday world. They are the crises that occur because of constraints.

Our unique process is presented as a way of understanding how to deal with, and effectively overcome, any crisis situation. In the end it is a focus on seeing the world differently in order to discover a better way. These are one to three day facilitated events where one or both authors will help the client organization learn how to cope with, or prevent, the everyday ‘fire fighting’.

A ‘better way’ is always available. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in finding a better way to the future.

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Crisis Leadership Seminar

This informative seminar conducted by the authors of Crisis Leadership: The Navy Way will teach your team about the Power of Limits. They will learn how to apply the process to invent new solutions and increase their value.

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